The estate

22 hectares of vines, an atypical belvedere, the whole bordered by a little brook, named «riou» in Occitan language (local dialect), welcome in our playground:

Mas del Riou!


In the vines

To us, the winemaker’s adventure mainly take place in the vines, by respecting soil, biodiversity and plant natural lifecycle.


Consequently, we grow our vines displaying adaptability, and using sustainable practices (organic treatments, cover crops...).


We are involved in R&D through working groups, but also thanks to partnership and a continuous strategic monitoring on new viticultural practices.


In 2017, we have got the recognition for this work, as the estate has been certified High Environmental Value.


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In the cellar

In the cellar, we take as much pleasure as in the vines, but with an additional touch of vibration and elation offered by the fermentation process. Sometimes chess game when reflection and experience provide the solution, but sometimes game of chance when the risk made it more exciting.


The diversity offered by Gaillac’s grape varieties is a great source of inspiration. This is why, in our winery, each variety is vinified by itself, in order to reveal its pure style.


In this quest of naturalness, we work with traditional equipment, especially concrete vats in which we manage all fermentations. We are also very cautious in limiting sulphites addition.


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