About us

We made the choice to set up on the earth of Occitanie region, in the two-thousand-year-old vineyard of Gaillac. A many-faceted territory, where conviviality is paramount. A land of character remaining our main source of inspiration.


My story, is first of all about a little boy who always dreamed to be a winemaker.


I grew up in the Tarn region - Southwest France - in the middle of the vines belonging to the estate managed by my father.  Being a winemaker appeared obvious very soon!


I entered a winemaking school in Cahors before coming back home to study wine business and get my first job in a wine property located in Montans (village near Gaillac). Quite soon, I joined Château Chaumet-Lagrange (a property located near the town of Gaillac) to be the vineyard manager.


After four years managing the property, the owner proposed me to take over the estate.

So, it is right here, by the end of 2014, that my childhood dream has come true.


I grew up in Aubrac region (in the south of Central Mountains of France), a land which probably drawn my personality!

My parents, livestock farmers, passed down terroir values to me, but also the love of gastronomy (good-eating and good-drinking). Then, after a bachelor degree in communication, I entered the « wine world ».


I travelled many roads: Toulouse, the Netherlands, Bordeaux, Paris, Porto-Vecchio (Corsica), Saint-Chinian (Languedoc), Beaune (Burgundy), United States...then, I felt the need to come back home.


I arrived in Gaillac in the early days of 2013, to be in charge of vineyard communication.

Then, love entered my life, and here we are: I am a winemaker!


While the grapes were delivered to a coop for 8 years, Ludovic had decided to vinified and bottled his own wine.


Carole arrived to the estate just after the first harvest, and so entered directly this new adventure named “Mas del Riou”.


Alchemy was obvious, passion shared, so by the very beginning of 2018 the estate is officially held by the duo.


Two distinct characters, however two complementary personalities offering a natural harmony. Each devote his curiosity to the estate in order to keep making headway.


​We are close to the values giving by our job, especially generosity and conviviality. To us, wine has to remain an easy and accessible way to get pleasure.  


We work every day to share this philosophy, especially with young generations, in order to keep wine unavoidable in the French Gastronomy map.